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Sometimes, the flu bug strikes, or you just manage to pick up cold somewhere. You may think that colds and the flu don’t happen during the warmer months, but illnesses don’t read a calendar. A summer cold can sideline you for a few days, but it shouldn’t sideline you from taking care of your teeth.

Even if you are more comfortable staying in bed or on the couch (And who wouldn’t be?), you can rest assured that the bacteria and acids in your mouth aren’t taking any time off. Because of that, you need to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes at a time. It may be a pain to go to the bathroom and brush, but you may feel a little better once you have.

Staying hydrated is important when you are sick. While a sports drink can boost lost electrolytes and minerals, be sure to drink plenty of water or dilute the sports drink. Water is the best drink for your body and your teeth, whether you are sick or not. Avoid energy drinks when you are sick since they can contain sugars, caffeine and taurine. If you decide on a cup of tea, enjoy with plain, and don’t add sugar or lemon. The acids in the lemon can damage your tooth enamel, and the sugar can contribute to the formation of cavities. To keep your sugar intake at a minimum stick with sugar-free cough drops and cough syrup. If you end up vomiting while you are sick, rinse your mouth with a mixture of baking soda and water, and wait for thirty minutes to brush your teeth.

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