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Always shield your teeth and gums from the perils of tooth decay. This contains being mindful of what you eat. Your waistline depends on you eating the right foods, but so does your gum line. If you are not wary, foods can raise your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. Your oral health services guide for risky food avoidance features the following attributes:

– The acids in foods can severely weaken tooth enamel and increase your risk for tooth enamel and cavities.

Sticky and Chewy Textures:
– Sticky snacks like gummy worms and taffy can stick to your teeth and gums and cause damage to your mouth long after eating them.

– Sugars can be transformed to harmful acids within your mouth by plaque and bacteria to cause dental erosion and cavities.

Sour Flavorings:
– Sour candies contain a low pH level and high acidity that can cause dental erosion and extreme tooth sensitivity.

Hard Textures:
– Typically, hard candies can chip and crack teeth, so always exercise caution when biting into hard products like candy apples, lollipops, and even corn kernels.

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