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Dentures help you eat, drink, smile, and chew every day. This means they are used quite often. Because of this, they need to be cleaned regularly so you can keep them in the best condition possible.

To properly clean your denture, rinse it after you’ve eaten. This can help you avoid plaque buildup and stuck-on food particles on your smile. As you rinse the denture, be careful not to drop it. If you drop it, there is a good chance it could get damaged.

It’s best to clean your mouth and denture daily. If you have remaining natural teeth, you need to clean them by brushing twice a day, flossing once a day, and rinsing daily. If you don’t have natural teeth, you should clean your gums, tongue, cheeks, and roof of the mouth with a soft toothbrush or washcloth. These tricks can help you keep your denture clean because a clean mouth results in a clean denture. When it comes to cleaning your appliance, it’s best to use a soft-bristled toothbrush and denture cleaner or nonabrasive toothpaste. These tools can remove the plaque and food particles on your appliance.

Lastly, soak your denture in a cup of water or mild denture cleaning solution when you sleep. It’s best to keep the denture moist so it can stay in pristine condition.

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