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Although permanent teeth are meant to last for a lifetime, they can be lost because of an injury, untreated gum disease, or another problem. Having the tooth or teeth replaced can not only enhance your appearance, it can restore your ability to speak and chew properly. But what are your options? Speak to Dr. Bryce E. Justesen about tooth replacement in Mesa, Arizona.

Dental Bridge
A dental bridge is an amazing tooth replacement made up of two dental crowns with a replacement tooth attached in between. The dental crowns are placed on the teeth bordering the missing tooth or teeth to anchor the bridge.

If you are missing multiple teeth, our dentist may recommend dentures. These removable tooth replacement appliances can replace a few teeth or all of your teeth. Full dentures replace a full set of teeth while partial dentures are used when some teeth remain. Dentures can make eating and speaking properly once again possible.

Are you missing any teeth and are in need of a tooth prosthetic such as dental bridges or dentures? If so, we invite you to contact Bryce E. Justesen, DDS at 480.827.1234 today for more information about your tooth restoration options and to schedule an appointment for a comprehensive exam to get you the treatment you need.