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Despite the strength of your natural teeth, circumstances such as tooth loss and dental injury can weaken your smile and lead to the need for dentures in order to maintain your smile’s appearance and function. Our dedicated team at Bryce E. Justesen, DDS is pleased to offer customized dentures to restore the missing teeth and preserve the health of your smile. Below we offer a list of reasons to choose dentures according to their benefits for your smile and quality of life:

– Dentures are very durable. With proper care, your dentures can last for several years, supporting your smile for a long time.

– Dentures are very reliable. They deliver excellent results and can be trusted to hold up under extreme conditions.

– Dentures defy aging. Many people develop sunken jaws after losing the support of teeth, and this makes them look older. Denture enhance the jaw structure to help it and you look younger.

– Dentures can be customized. We offer full and partial dentures depending on your tooth replacement needs, whether you need a full arch of artificial teeth or just a few new teeth.

– Dentures improve your quality of life. You may have noticed that tooth loss makes it hard to speak and eat, but with a customized denture appliance, you can gain these functions back.

– Dentures offer greater comfort. With modern advancements, dentures are now stronger and more comfortable than ever.

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