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When the natural bacteria in your mouth are bolstered by poor oral hygiene, it can affect your mouth in a variety of ways. While this can certainly increase your risk of suffering new cavities and gum disease problems, it can also affect one of your existing dental fillings.

If the natural bacteria in your mouth manage to compromise the bond between a dental filling and the surrounding tooth enamel it can cause a new area of tooth decay to form inside the tooth.

In a situation like this, you might notice a minor change in the tooth. The distressed filling could cause increased sensitivity, a change in texture, or a toothache. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms you should not delay in seeking treatment with Dr. Bryce E. Justesen.

If the pulp or other internal structures of the tooth have been compromised by a newly formed area of tooth decay Dr. Bryce E. Justesen might need to perform a root canal. This will excise all decayed material and recreate sufficient structure to mount a dental crown.

If the interior of the tooth is healthy, Dr. Bryce E. Justesen might not have to apply any endodontic therapy. In a case like this he could be able to remove any existing tooth enamel to start the process of fitting the tooth with a dental crown.

If you are in the Mesa, Arizona, area and you are experiencing symptoms of a distressed dental filling, you should call 480.827.1234 to seek treatment at Bryce E. Justesen, DDS.