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Denture cleaners are beneficial products that can help you keep your denture in tip-top shape throughout time. However, the cleaners might be a little confusing and overwhelming. So, to help you know more about the products, we have provided the answers to the following questions:

What are denture cleaners?
Denture cleaners are products that can clean your appliance even more than a toothbrush can. They generally come in the form of a paste, gel, liquid, tablet, or cream and you can usually purchase them at the store. Each one of these products have specific instructions on how to use it, so make sure you find the right product for your appliance. If you need help knowing which one to get, please don’t be afraid to ask us.

Do I need a denture cleaner?
Denture cleaners are generally recommended because they remove stains, loose particles, and odors that other cleaning agents can’t. So, if you want a pristine appliance, using a denture cleaner is the way to go.

What should I look for in a denture cleaner?
The most important thing to look for in a denture cleaner is the American Dental Association seal of acceptance. This seal means that the product has passed tests that have evaluated for safety and effectiveness. If the product you choose has this stamp of approval, you are on the right track.

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